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Cool Menu is an assortment of 11 super useful features that are not available on macOS. Instead of multiple menubar apps for each of them wasting your menubar’s precious real estate, you get all these features neatly packaged in a single menubar icon!


Cool Menu’s comprehensive and easily accessible “Free Disk Space” feature lets you free up Gigabytes of disk space and optimise your system performance in just a couple of clicks. You can cleanup any or all of the following items:

  • Application Caches
  • Application Logs
  • Partial Downloads
  • Contents of the Downloads Folder
  • Xcode Developer Builds
  • Crash Reporter Files
  • Mail Downloads
  • iOS Software Updates
  • Trash Can


Cool Menu’s “Protect Privacy” feature is what you need in order to keep your system safe. You can clear any or all of your following private data:

  • Clipboard
  • Finder data
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Mail data
  • Preview
  • QuickTime


Just dragging and dropping the app to the Trash will most likely leave lots of app-related files scattered across your System untraceable forever wasting your disk space and can slow down your system. Cool Menu’s “Uninstall Applications” helps remove your unwanted Apps completely. It lists all of your apps from the Applications folder to choose from. Also, you have a complete history of uninstalled apps for future inspection.


If you have a non-Apple external monitor, it can be tedious and time consuming to change brightness. With Cool Menu’s Brightness feature, changing brightness is as easy as clicking one of the values from 1 to 16!


If you have a non-Apple external monitor, it can be tedious and time consuming to change volume. With Cool Menu’s Volume feature, changing volume is as easy as clicking one of the values from 0 to 16!


Cool Menu’s “Focus Mode” helps you focus only on the frontmost window by dimming the rest of the content on the screen! You can set different colours and play around with opacities for a highly customised experience.


Cool Menu’s “Tint Screen” can help reduce the strain in your eyes. You can choose your favourite colour and adjust intensity or brightness to give your eyes a calming effect.


Don’t want your system to go to sleep automatically while you are not at your desk, giving a presentation, reading long documents, watching long videos or downloading huge files? Cool Menu’s “Prevent Sleep” for different durations you can choose, takes care of it.


Cool Menu’s “Hide Desktop Icons” can hide all desktop content leaving only its wallpaper which is useful when giving presentations, or if you don’t want others to view your, often private, desktop content.


This handy feature highlights your mouse with a circular ring. Very useful while giving presentations. You can customise it’s colour and size.


Mac’s clipboard stores only the last item that was copied. With Cool Menu’s “Clipboard” feature, you have access to the last 20 text content you copied. You can even blacklist applications from which copied items should be ignored, which is useful in password managers for example.


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Only $3.99
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