Memory PLUS

A Beautiful Memory Utility
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Memory PLUS is a beautiful multipurpose memory (RAM) utility that accurately displays current memory usage on your system. It is primarily a menubar application with the following main features:

  • Accurate display of free and detailed memory analytics
  • Intuitive pie chart view of memory usage in menubar icon
  • Low memory warning (menubar icon turns red)
  • List of memory intensive apps

  • Beautifully crafted light and dark themes
  • Optimised for the latest macOS with new vibrancy effects

  • Launch at login
  • Update interval for memory analytics
  • Pin popover to continuously monitor memory analytics
  • Pie chart and/or text options for menubar icon


Memory PLUS is actively developed and maintained. We also provide excellent customer support powered by Zendesk.

Last but not the least, if you like the product, please leave a review on the app store - it will really help us. If you face any issues or have any feedback, then please contact us at .


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Only $1.99
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